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Established on 3 April 1989, the Department of Archaeography is among the largest centres for research and publishing of historical sources of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the country.

In conducting research activities of the Lithuanian Institute of History in the field of research and publishing of the sources of the history of Lithuania (the Lithuanian Metrica and others), the scholars of the Department of Archaeography carry out substantial research on the sources of the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, prepare their publications, conduct projects, provide expertise, and organise scientific conferences. Special attention is given to the studies in and systematic publication of the Lithuanian Metrica, a set of fifteenth-to-eighteenth-century sources of the Grand Duke of Lithuania and the state chancellery. The efforts of the department’s scholars have led to the publication of continuous research publications Istorijos šaltinių studijos (Studies of Historical Sources; since 2008), Lietuvos Metrikos naujienos (The News of the Lithuanian Metrica; since 1997, as a research information supplement to Lietuvos istorijos metraštis (The Yearbook of Lithuanian History)), and a series of sources on urban history Lietuvos magdeburginių miestų privilegijos ir aktai (Privileges and Acts of Lithuanian Magdeburg Cities; since 1991).

From 2022 onwards, the department has conducted two long-term research and experimental development programmes: ‘Texts, Contexts and Interpretations of the Historical Sources of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’ (leader Dr Robertas Jurgaitis) and ‘From the Individual to the Community: Research into the Lithuanian Metrica and Other Significant Historical Sources of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’ (leader Dr Andrei Ryčkov).

As of 2022, the department employs a full-time staff of nine (four senior researchers, two researchers, and three specialists in archaeography) and a laboratory assistant. Two doctoral students are continuing their studies. Outstanding Lithuanian historians and archaeographers headed the department at various times: Dr habil. Antanas Tyla (1989–1992), Dr Egidijus Banionis (1992–1993), Dr Algirdas Antanas Baliulis (1994–1999), and Dr Artūras Dubonis (2000–2020). The present head of the department, Assoc. Prof. Dr Robertas Jurgaitis, has been in charge of the department since 3 November 2020.