The Research Council is the governing body of the Institute. It consists of 15 members, whom the research staff of the institute elects by secret ballot. At least five members of the council are not employed by the Institute. On the recommendation of the director of the Institute, the Research Council considers and approves the structure of the Institute and amendments thereto; considers proposals submitted by the director for amendments to the Statute of the Institute; approves the procedure for the certification of researchers and for the organisation of competitions for posts; considers and approves documents regulating research activities of the Institute; considers annual activity reports submitted by the director of the Institute; assesses the fulfilment of the goals and objectives by the Institute; considers and submits proposals on the Institute’s associative relations with research and study institutions, Lithuanian studies, social and cultural activities, cooperation with international organisations and other natural and legal persons to the director; prepares and submits the Code of Academic Ethics to the director for approval; establishes, on the director’s proposal, permanent or temporary commissions for the coordination research, social and cultural development activities of the Institute and for the preparation of relevant projects.

Composition of the Research Council elected on 9 June 2020:
Darius Staliūnas, Chair
Tamara Bairašauskaitė, Vice Chair
Darius Baronas, Secretary


  • Rasa Banytė-Rowell  | Senior Researcher of the Lithuanian Institute of History

  • Marija Drėmaitė  |  Professor at the Faculty of History, Vilnius University

  • Artūras Dubonis  |  Senior researcher, Lithuanian Institute of History

  • Saulius Grybkauskas  | Deputy Director for Research, Lithuanian Institute of History

  • Rimantas Jankauskas  | Professor at the Medical Faculty, Vilnius University

  • Salvijus Kulevičius  |  Associate Professor at the Faculty of History, Vilnius University

  • Dangiras Mačiulis  |  Senior Researcher, Lithuanian Institute of History

  • Dalia Satkauskytė  |  Senior Researcher at the Department of Contemporary Literature, Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore

  • Gintautas Sliesoriūnas  |  Senior Researcher, Lithuanian Institute of History

  • Vitalija Stravinskienė  |  Researcher, Lithuanian Institute of History

  • Ramunė Šmigelskytė-Stukienė  |  Senior Researcher, Lithuanian Institute of History

  • Birutė Triškaitė  |  Senior Researcher at the Research Centre of Written Heritage, Institute of the Lithuanian Language