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“Lithuanian Historical Studies” (LHS) is Lithuanian Historical Institute’s academic peer-reviewed periodical

journal, published in English since 1996. Its goal is to popularise historical research pertaining to the

Lithuanian, Baltic and East European studies in Lithuania and abroad. Thematically, the LHS’s published

articles cover political, social, religious, economic and cultural aspects of the country’s history starting from

the Middle Ages and until the 21 st century. Special attention is paid at the complicated and controversial

historical issues like, for example: the 1569 union with Poland, the role of national minorities in nation-

states, research and interpretations of occupations and resistances, and many other.

In order to present different perspectives and at the same time encouraging constructive academic

dialogue, in parallel to the works of prominent and young Lithuanian historians, the journal also welcomes

contributions written by foreign authors. Moreover, besides the scientific articles, the LHS introduces new

or little-known source material, book reviews and notices, abstracts of history dissertations defended in

Lithuania and other. In this way, the LHS is an outstanding international academic media platform that

collects and disseminates academic research and thus contributes to the overall understanding of history of

Lithuania and its neighbouring states.